20.06.2022 Solutions

Download eBook Emergency Elevator Communication

The end of 2G and 3G networks, the recovery of the construction industry or changes in elevator standards - these are the main challenges the lift technology market will face in the coming years.

Learn how these changes will affect the field of emergency elevator communication in a new eBook, Emergency ElevatorCommunication: a guide for elevator manufacturers, service and maintenance providers. It also provides a practical guide detailing the three most common types of elevator communication upgrade projects. These include retrofit installations, multi-shaft projects requiring modularity and modern smart lifts. All of this is complemented by specific products and selected case studies. eBook Emergency Lift Communication

"The elevator industry is experiencing a period of significant change, and with the transition to a new type of network we are essentially starting a whole new era of elevator communication," says Pavel Kotek, Sales Director of the Elevator Division at 2N.  "The advantage is that the technological advancement and transition to IP technology brings manufacturers, maintenance companies and users greater efficiency, reliability and cost savings. Our eBook outlines how to navigate this technological transition as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary hurdles and extra costs."

Want to learn all about the coming changes or get inspired by selected projects that have already been implemented? Download our new eBook.

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