28.04.2021 Software

Earth-Shattering News about 2N® Access Commander Software

The previous software version was 1.17. We are now presenting version 2.0 and skipping versions 1.18 and 1.19. This is a sign of fundamental changes to come in the world of software. Find out what this is all about.

Enjoy the new licensing model

We are moving over to a clearer licensing model for the 2N® Access Commander software. This will allow simpler pricing, and the selected licence will suit most customers’ long-term needs. Which licences can be selected?2N products and notebook

  • Basic (free) – 5 devices, 50 users, basic functions.
  • Advanced – 30 devices, 300 users, advanced functions.
  • Pro – 100 devices, 1,000 users, professional functions.
  • Unlimited – unlimited number of devices and users, professional functions.

You will find a detailed overview of functions and order numbers in the table with the new licensing model for  2N® Access Commander software. Download it and use it whenever you offer the software to customers.

Existing customers will be moved to the appropriate licensing category automatically, free of charge. They won’t lose any of the functions they already use now, so everything will work just as it did before. Simply update 2N® Access Commander to the new version 2.0.

Order new licences today. We will stop issuing the old ones on 31 May 2021.

Create your own dashboard

We have changed the way you work with information on the dashboard. Each administrator can put only the information which they use most on the homepage. This not only just about displaying information, administrators can control the system directly from the dashboard. The dashboard consists of several widgets:

  • The main widget has an overview of the access control system. You will find the number of users, devices, zones, time profiles and 4 more of the most important numbers in a single overview.
  • Control the locks of the most important doors directly in the door widget. The administrator can open a door for a few minutes or on a one-off basis. Streams from the intercom camera and any linked external cameras will let you know who you are letting in.
  • The lockdown widget lets the administrator lock one or more selected doors with a single click.
  • The access logs widget gives you information about who entered the building, and when and which door they used. You can set a filter to show only important doors or key access events.
  • The system logs widget is used by the highest level of administrators. For example, they can display only warning and system error logs.
  • Device status can be ascertained from the widget of the same name. You can see all the devices or select only a few. For example, you can display only those devices which are offline.
  • The system load widget lets the administrator know how full the disk, RAM and CPU memory are.
  • Licence status tells you how many devices and users you can still add to the software.


Administrators can put the lockdown widget on their dashboards, but this isn’t the only place, where you can find it. We have also added it to details of individual devices, zones and companies. This means you can lock the doors at each of these levels. We have even added a lockdown icon to the main menu at the top. With this, you can lock all the doors you administer by pressing a single button.

Licence Plate Recognition

We are adding another access credential to the 2N® Access Commander software – car licence plates. With this, you can restrict car access to a garage. Simply install a suitable camera so that it can read the licence plates of incoming cars. Connect the camera to the intercom (or even an access reader) and the barrier will only automatically open for cars with authorised licence plates.

Which camera is suitable? The function is compatible with Axis cameras fitted with an Artpec 6 processor or higher. The camera must also have software (ACAP) by Vaxtor installed – VaxALPR on Camera v.2.2.15.

Offer 2N® Access Commander for all your larger projects

Use the new functions and licensing model to highlight the benefits of 2N® Access Commander to customers. Not sure about how to go about things? Our specialists will help.

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