12.03.2021 Products

Get Stuck Into Retrofit Projects on a Large Scale

The number of retrofit projects is constantly on the rise. Don’t waste the opportunity, focus your attention on them too. We are adding an NVT switch to our portfolio to help make work on your solutions easier.

What is a retrofit solution?

ip door entryImagine an older building with an analogue (2-wire) door communication system which no longer works. The building is in a nice part of the city, and residents want all the conveniences which IP technology has to offer. But cutting and drilling into walls is not permitted, so a UTP distribution system is out the question. A problem, you say? Not at all. Just put some of our IP intercoms and IP answering units into your basket and add an NVT PoLRE LPC switch (02318-001) and an NVT PhyLink adapter pack (02319-001).

Why select this option?

Sometimes you don’t have any other choice. Conservationists simply won’t allow you to cut into the walls of a house dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Sometimes work to replace cabling is too expensive. By moving over from analogue to our IP solution, you will also make administration much easier for yourself. Connect the system to the internet and our My2N cloud and administer devices remotely.

What benefits does this offer customers?

Above all, a modern IP door communication system. Great looking products and the option to use modern access methods. For example, access using a mobile phone with the 2N® Mobile Key application. If you connect the system to the internet, you can also offer residents the 2N® Mobile Video service.

What do you need to create a successful retrofit solution?

Apart from an old building with a 2-wire cable distribution network, you need 2N IP intercoms, 2N answering units (and possibly also access readers), an NVT PoLRE LPC switch and some adapters. The NVT switch has eight ports. In a typical installation, you would use the NVT PoLRE LPC switch to connect one intercom and seven answering units. In an installation like this, you will need a total of eight adapters. However, you are not limited to just eight IP devices. Feel free to use one switch for each floor of the house.

How to connect the system?

  1. Connect the intercom by the door to an adapter with a UTP cable.
  2. Connect the answering units (and access readers where applicable) to an adapter in each of the flats with a UTP cable.
  3. Connect the adapters (connected to the IP products) to the existing 2-wire system.
  4. Connect all the 2-wires to the NVT switch.
  5. And if you want to be online, connect the switch to a router with a UTP cable.

Get stuck into some retrofit projects

No chiselling out walls, no costs for cables, and with all the benefits offered by IP devices.

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