01.04.2021 Compatibility

Get the Most Out of Integrating 2N Products and Genetec

Integrate our new 2N Access Unit M smart readers with Security Center by Genetec. Take a look at all the things you can already do with integration and how we can support you on your path to a successful project.

What do 2N products provide in Security Center?

Genetec + 2NDoor control and communications – Connect our IP intercoms to the Sipelia module. The operator receives calls from them in the same way as an IP telephone. He can also forward calls or even see camera stream and open doors.

Video monitoring – add an intercom camera to the camera system. Use the Omnicast module for integration. The Security Center operator can see who is at the door, record footage and switch between cameras.

Access control system – integrate our intercoms, 2N Access Unit 2.0 readers and now also the new 2N Access Unit M readers with the Synergis module. The operator can see who is entering the building in real time and where they are entering. The option to open and lock doors remotely is a great feature.

How do we simplify integration for you?

Clear summary – haven’t you integrated 2N and Genetec before? Read the new leaflet to give you a better idea of the possibilities offered by our solution. But it will also be interesting for experienced integrators. You will learn that apart from intercoms and access readers, you can also integrate other 2N products with Security Center.

Support for setup – forget about reading manuals, take a look at this video. We will show you in just 9 minutes how to use our intercoms to monitor video, control access and make calls in Security Center.

Comprehensive support – do you need more? Detailed instructions, the required licences and supported versions can be found in the Genetec profile on our Integration HUB.

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