19.10.2022 Solutions

Got a Commercial Development That Needs Floor Access Restriction?

Read on to find out how we provided the Park One project with reliable, stylish, and easy-to-install IP technology that was tailored to their needs and prioritised usability.

When Park One, a large office complex in Bratislava, changed ownership – the new owners made the very wise decision to update their access system. Together with their integrator and our business partner Last Mile, they came up with some very specific requirements that of course, we fulfilled.Park One

They wanted premium, user-orientated devices – and what better choice to make than 5 2N® IP Verso intercoms (praised for their modular nature and stylish design) and 72 2N® Access Unit M RFID access readers (cost-efficient despite their high order volume thanks to their easy connectivity).

They also, like many integrators and developers, wanted easy installation, configuration, and management: this is where the 2N® Access Commander came into its own. They loved how easy it makes day-to-day site management and device configuration.

Last but by no means least – they wanted a solution that could incorporate lift integration. In fact, this was in their view the crucial deciding factor for choosing us. They chose well: 2N Access Unit M RFID access readers, linked to four AXIS A9188 relay modules – a solution that’s convenient and secure thanks to the customisable floor access restriction, too.

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