22.06.2021 Solutions

How Does a Single Administrator Look After Thirteen Different Locations With a Total Area of 60,000 sq. yd.?

Find out in another one of our projects described here in detail, this time in Great Britain, and with a company you are bound to know.

Shop and carparkWith 10,500 shops in 29 countries, Lidl is one of the largest retail chains in the world. And it is expanding. Proof of this is the construction of thirteen new distribution centres with a total area of more than 60,000 sq. yd. at locations around Great Britain. What were the specifications of the job?

  • A fully digital system
  • Robust products resistant to weather and vandalism
  • Non-stop operation of all centres
  • Remote administration and monitoring from a single administrative point
  • Integration with existing systems

This was child’s play for us. Digital, or IP to be precise, is the basic advantage of our solution. Our products are also extremely durable. We included the 2N® IP Force in the solution, the toughest IP intercom in the world.

The intercom also identifies incoming vehicles with video calls. The intercom camera provides a full-colour HD image with night vision and an ultra-wide viewing angle. This means that any movement at every site is continuously monitored. The system can also be immediately extended to include smart functions of the future, such as access using a mobile phone.

However, a major benefit of the whole solution is one which isn’t visible. We are, after all, talking about remote administration and configuration with the 2N® Remote Configuration service. This enables complete management and setup of intercoms in every centre from a single location via a secure cloud interface. Administrators therefore save the most possible time and money since there is no need for them to physically visit individual sites.

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