11.12.2020 Compatibility

How Does the New 2N® Access Commander Plugin for Milestone XProtect® Work in Practice?

We recently introduced you to the new plugin for Milestone XProtect®. This new product immediately grabbed your attention. We haven’t received so many enquiries from you in a long time! We decided to film a short instruction video for you, so find yourself a comfy seat and let’s watch!

2N + MilestoneImagine you are a security operator. You see a map of the building on a blue screen (00:33). The icons for doors which have 2N devices installed next to them are marked in white. Any change in the status of the door is displayed by the icon changing colour. For example, a green icon indicates that the door was opened by an authorised person using an RFID card or PIN. If you need to completely close off a room for a specific period, you can put the door into lockdown status. This will be indicated on the map with a red door icon. Is the icon flashing red? This is XProtect® notifying you of a predefined event, for example the door being forced open.

You can easily control intercoms and access control units directly from the map of the building. You can launch a video stream from the intercom with a single click or remotely open or lock a door. You can quickly find out what is happening and react to the current situation in an appropriate manner. A complete list of functions and an overview of icons can be found in our new leaflet.

As you surely know, 2N® Access Commander is software used mainly to set up 2N intercoms and access control units and to manage access control throughout a building. However, with the 2N® Access Commander plugin for XProtect®, you can consolidate access control and camera systems in a single monitoring centre – the XProtect® platform. The new plugin simplifies the work of security operators and ensures greater security for all people in the building and surrounding premises. This is our number one priority.

Find out how the new plugin works and ensure the safety of your customers!