02.06.2021 Solutions

How Happy Are They With WaveKey in the Showroom for Jaguar and Land Rover?

Find out what led the largest showroom in the country to choose WaveKey technology. Be inspired by this new project and offer the technology of the future.

carsAlbion Cars operates the largest Jaguar and Land Rover showroom a service centre in the Czech Republic. Customer care here is provided by over 100 employees, who are constantly on the move between several buildings at this large complex. This impressive centre was designed with an emphasis on state-of-the-art technology, so the access control system also had to meet more than just standard requirements.

Ultimately, the new WaveKey access control technology was installed. All the employees have a special 2N® Mobile Key application installed on their mobile phones, authorising them to enter the building. No keys, no cards, contactless, and above all, no waiting. They simply approach one of the 40 installed 2N® Access Unit 2.0 devices and the door opens in just 0.3 seconds. The application is free, and the client has eliminated the cost associated with replacing lost RFID access cards.

Encrypted communication between the mobile phone and the reader limits misuse of identification credentials and takes security to the next level. Complete administration of the IP system is done centrally in the clear graphical interface of the 2N® Access Commander software. A bonus for employers is the option to use a function in the attendance system to record the times when employees arrive and leave work.

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