19.05.2021 Solutions

How To Make Sure Installation Is Secure? Episode 2. Only Up-to-date Firmware Is Secure Firmware

We will prove how wrong all your reasons are for not wanting to update the software and firmware in our products, in fact in any products. Continue reading and you’ll start updating today.

We apologise if we have offended those of you who do make a point of regular updates. But you shouldn’t stop reading either. The article could be useful to you, too. We give you answers to the most common argument made by your customers.Lock, notebook

I’m not in any danger

That is unfortunately wrong. The number of attacks on IoT devices between 2018 and 2019 increased by an incredible 300%. A similar trend has also been confirmed recently. This is even wrong in the residential segment, where cyberattacks have tended not to occur for some time. Each new firmware/software is not only about new functions. Just as important is that it reacts to new security threats.

It takes up too much time

We understand that updating firmware/software is not the most enjoyable part of your day. This is why we do our utmost to make updating easier for you. You can now update products with internet access with a single click. You can also update several devices at once in the 2N® Access Commander software, which is designed for bulk administration of our products.

But it’s running OK as it is

We understand that you installed everything, configured it, integrated it with other systems and are a little worried that you will ruin everything with the new update. Situations like that are the exception to the rule, but they really can happen. In more complicated integrations, we recommend that you save device configuration before updating. If you find yourself in a situation where integration doesn’t work, simply downgrade to the original version.

Do you see it as a pointless potential problem? We understand, but it is in integrated solutions that cybersecurity is most important. Remember that the network is only as safe as the most vulnerable product in it.

Don’t risk your reputation

Many of you offers a paid service providing regular network maintenance. Include updating devices in this service and make sure that your installation is secure. The rest of you should consider offering a service like this.

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