09.11.2020 Compatibility

Include 2N Intercoms in the Teletask Home Automation System

Are you currently working on a home automation project? You’ve chosen the great Teletask system, but you aren’t sure which intercom to use. You can stop looking now. Our IP intercoms are compatible with the Teletask system.

Video calls and opening the door

The basic functions probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you. Residents can take calls and open the door using the OPUS panel. There is even a call preview before the resident accepts it. They can then decide whether to take the call or to pretend they are not home. Did somebody ring the bell while the owner was away? Forget about mere missed call notifications. The intercom will have recorded the whole call. The resident can see who it was and what they said when they found out that the owner was not home. 

They can do much more than that

IP intercoms also have no problem cooperating with other parts of the whole system. What does that mean? For example, if the resident opens the door using our intercom, Teletask automatically switches on the lights, the radio or the air-conditioning. And there is much more. 


Are you connecting an intercom directly to the OPUS panel by Teletask? Or do you have an external SIP server in your project? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, as both solutions are possible. 

Why Teletask? 

Teletask is a successful company which specialises in luxury villas. Residents of homes like this will love the design and quality of 2N® IP Solo and 2N® IP Verso intercoms. Teletask has been on the market for more than 30 years, has a worldwide sphere of operations and takes real pride in its work. We have that in common. We are delighted to say that from now on, our intercoms are compatible with one of the top home automation companies.

Offer 2N and Teletask for your project 

You can be certain of their compatibility and we have already described everything for you in our FAQs and on the Integration HUB.

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