31.08.2021 Software

Increase Your Revenue for 2N® Mobile Video

Introducing a new subscription model for apartment buildings. It’s better for you financially, clearer and easier to use and ensures you long-term revenue.

The new apartment model - a godsend for apartment buildings

rocketYou’ll find a new apartment model for subscribing to the 2N® Mobile Video service on the My2N platform. It’s ideal for apartment building projects. You don't pay for each device, but for each apartment where you can have 1-4 smartphones. At the start of configuration, you select the type of building and the type of subscription is automatically selected based on your choice:

  • Family home – charging for devices
  • Apartment building – charging per apartment
  • Other – charging for devices

You already know how to set up a call when charging per device. In the apartment model, you’ll divide the building into apartments and assign individual mobile phones to them. This may seem like an extra step at first, but it will pay dividends as you continue to administer the installation (Site). You will find it far easier to process user requests by apartment rather than searching for their devices on a list.

Build steady long-term revenue

With the new apartment model, it’s that much easier. Write to our specialists for advice on how to offer this service.