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Install 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact Also on a Wall

Don’t want to or cannot drill a big hole into a wall but you simply must have a great-looking answering unit in your project? No problem. Introducing a new accessory which you can use to install the 2N® Indoor View and the 2N® Indoor Compact on a wall.

Which projects can you now successfully do?

  • indoor stationLast-minute projects. Have you ever found yourself in a project at a later stage, but the building wasn’t ready for the installation of flush-mounted answering units? Order the 2N Indoor Surface Box.
  • Retrofit projects. You probably won’t find a suitable hole in the wall for an answering unit in an older building. Not to mention the inconvenience for residents. Resolve this by installing the answering unit on the surface of a wall.
  • All other projects. You have certainly heard many reasons why customers don’t want to flush-mount answering units in a wall. You can now respond to concerns like this by offering to install on the surface of the wall.

Universal box

Do you have 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact answering units in your project and are you worried about ordering the right box for installation on a wall? There is no way you can confuse things. There is only one order number (02320-001) and one box suitable for the 2N® Indoor View and the 2N® Indoor Compact.

Design plays a key role

But don’t be fooled. In our opinion, an answering unit should still be mounted in a wall. Its beauty stands out, and it doesn’t disturb the space. However, sometimes there is just no other way, and you have to install the unit on the surface of the wall. When we designed the box, we did our best to ensure functionality and to minimise the impact on the design. The box is made of black plastic which matches the material used in the rear part of the answering units, even the white versions.

Always with video

The box for installation on the surface of a wall is only suitable for 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact video answering units.

We have 500 units in stock

Order the installation box right now. Use our answering units in projects where you couldn’t use them before.

Order an installation box