02.04.2021 Special Offers

Intercom & Access Unit Licensing Now Free and Easy

Starting 1 April 2021, all advanced functionalities will now be available, through easy to download free licensing for 2N IP intercoms and 2N IP access units. The greatly simplified process is  applicable for all customers in the: US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Central and South America.

A simpler process

You no longer need to study manuals or call your sales rep to find out whether you need a license to complete an advanced set up of your intercom or access unit. We have made the licensing process as simple as possible. All advanced functions that previously required a license are now available in a free downloadable license.

More technology at your fingertips

2NUnleash the power of your 2N intercom or access unit without having to purchase a license.  Functions such as the following, and many more, are now free of charge.

  • Customize the sounds on an 2N IP intercom.
  • Integrate and stream the video and audio from the intercom to the VMS.
  • Take advantage of the Automation function - designing your own scenarios.
  • Set up motion detection.

How to download the license and enable the functions

Option #1 – Connect the intercom or access unit to the internet, the license will be downloaded automatically

Option #2 – If you are not connecting to the internet, follow these 3 steps:

  • Log into the Axis license key registration portal
  • Follow the directions, adding in the serial number of the intercom or access unit and choose 2N “Free License”
  • The license code will be generated, and can be cut/pasted into the firmware of the device

Purchasing 2N IP intercoms and IP access units

Continue to contact your local distributor to purchase 2N devices. Informacast, 3rd party integration licensing will continue to be sold separately.  As of April 1st the price of 2N intercoms will increase.  This increase will be approximately 1/3 the price of a Gold license. So for current dealers buying licenses and for all dealers who would buy licenses in the future this will be a significant cost savings as well as a stremlined, easier, process.

Do you have questions about the new licensing model?

If you have ongoing projects or need more information about the supported features, please contact our account manager.

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