11.11.2020 Solutions

Make Money by Setting Up Complicated Scenarios. We’ve Already Done Work for You

Our intercoms can do more than just open doors and make calls. You already know that. Now, we’d like to tell you more about the endless possibilities of the Automation function. We’ve clearly described all of this on a new webpage.

Would your customers like to set up their intercoms and access control readers to behave in a special way? For example: 

  • I want a photo from the intercom to be sent to me by e-mail if the intercom camera registers any movement. 
  • I want building security to be notified immediately if the door is not closed properly after being unlocked. 
  • I want to send out one-off PIN codes for building access in bulk. 
  • I would like the lights to switch on when I unlock the door. 

The possibilities for scenarios like this are endless. We have chosen the most attractive ones and prepared then as files in .AM format. All you have to do is download them and load them into the intercom or reader. 

To start, we’ve created 10 of the most interesting scenarios. We’ll gradually be adding more. For each scenario, you’ll find a file to download and instructions on how to set it up in the web interface for our devices. We’ve also listed all the things you need to do for the scenario to work properly. Because we know that each project is different.

The website also includes explanations of how to work in the Automation section. You will also learn what you need to set up devices and who to contact if you need any advice.

We’re offering you the opportunity to make money, not only from your current projects but also those you’ve already finished. Call your customers and ask whether they need to set up a special scenario. Then see whether we already have it on the Automation site. If not, contact our specialists, who will be happy to help you set it up.