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Make Your Work Easier With 2N® Residential Access

You may already use My2N to set up calls between an intercom and users’ answering units. Now, you can also manage residents’ access rights directly in the My2N platform.

What is 2N® Residential Access?

2N® Residential Access is another service offered by the My2N portal in which you can set access credentials for residents. Right now, we are launching the initial phase with core functions. For now, it allows you to set up the simplest access scenarios, but you will save lots of time with the new service.

How will you save time?

Grant residents access to the building simply and intuitively from anywhere. Until now, you had to connect to the web interface of the intercom/access reader. Only there could you manage access credentials for residents. Now you set everything up directly in My2N.

What are the limits?Residential Access - House and IP Verso

The service currently only supports RFID technology and PIN code generation. The system does not differentiate between user roles and individual devices at the moment. This means that all intercoms and access readers which have the 2N® Residential Access service activated will let in all users with valid access rights.

Which projects can you set up via 2N® Residential Access?

You can handle the simplest of scenarios. For example, a project with a 2N® IP Verso intercom at the main door and 2N Access Unit 2.0 access readers by the door to the bike storage room and cellars. In this case, all residents living in the building have access to all of the above areas, so you can handle everything from My2N.

How does this work? Simple:

  1. Log in to My2N.
  2. Activate the 2N® Residential Access service with a single click on the device details.
  3. Assign the user access credentials. Generate a PIN code or add an RFID card to the user from the main page or the user’s details.

What else are we working on

The My2N portal will soon be offering other key functions. You can look forward to a complete solution for the management of a residential access control system. Next summer we will introduce:

  • support of Bluetooth technology,
  • access logs,
  • user roles,
  • time profiles,
  • dashboard for the access control system,
  • and much more.

Try 2N® Residential Access in My2N

Let us know what you think. Take this opportunity to give us your input on the development of the 2N® Residential Access service.

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