25.04.2024 Software

Manage your IP Access Control System Securely

New 2N Access Commander 3.1 includes two-factor authentication. What else improves the management of your IP access control system?

ip access control systemsIncreased Security with two-factor Authentication

A benefit of the 2N Access Commander is that multiple users (i.e. integrators, installers, security staff, IT staff, receptionists, HR staff, and so on) can use the platform for various needs – ranging from uploading new staff members to the platform, assigning access rights, or simply setting up the IP access control system

When you have multiple users using the same platform, it’s always good to provide an extra layer of security – which is why Version 3.1 features two-factor authentication. 

How does it work?

The two-factor authentication process is authentication app + password. All major authentication apps are supported, including Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, and Duo Mobile (Cisco). 

If you think the management of your IP access control system could benefit from two-factor authentication – this is how it works! 

First, enable two-factor authentication on the user’s account. After this is done when the user next logs in there’s a simple process:

  1. The user enters their username and password as normal 
  2. They’re then prompted to download an authenticator app
  3. For convenience, a QR code link is displayed for the Android or iOS version of Google authenticator when clicking on the reveal arrows. If the user already has an authenticator app installed, they can simply click on the blue button to continue.
  4. At this point a pairing QR is displayed, and they are prompted to scan it with their authentication app 
  5. When the six-digit code appears on their app, the user simply clicks the button marked 'I scanned the QR code' in 2N Access Commander, and then enters the six digits

2N Access Unit QR Support

QR codes are perfect for assigning convenient one-off credentials to visitors – they can receive an email with the QR code, plus instructions for entry if needed, in advance of their visit. Plus, QR codes are part of the future of IP door entry: mobile access. 

Not only is QR code access supported on the IP intercoms the 2N IP Verso 2.0 and 2N IP Style , but we recently launched a new access control reader to our portfolio – the 2N Access Unit QR! Naturally, we’ve made sure that assigning QR code credentials in the 2N Access Commander ecosystem is easy

Want to know how it works? We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to QR code assigning in 2N Access Commander, but to give you a general idea, assigning a QR code to a guest works as follows:

  1. Select ‘Visitors’ in the left-hand menu of the interface
  2. Choose an existing visitor or create a new visitor (make sure the visitor is not in an expired state)
  3. Select the ‘Add credential’ option and choose a QR Code
  4. You can then send the QR credential (or even print it if needed) to the user’s email address by viewing the QR code in the interface (click the eye icon) The QR code will be displayed alongside the option to send it

Use 2N Access Commander in Dutch

You can now select Dutch as your preferred language in both the web browser as your login language of choice or as the default company language – and you can also view the 2N Access Commander manual in Dutch. 

A Whole New 2N Access Commander!

The old user interface of the 2N Access Commander (versions below 3.0) is now no longer available! Your feedback tells us that the new interface has been very well received and certainly offers a better, more intuitive user IP access control system management experience. Here’s to more development and future improvements.

Ready to update? 

What are you waiting for! Updating 2N Access Commander gives you and/or your customers many benefits.

If you’re working with a pre-2N Access Commander 3.0 version of the software, then you’re really missing out: the last update gave it a complete facelift for capability in access management without complexity!

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