17.03.2020 Special Offers

New and Improved Version of Our Unique Project Designer Tool

Never again will you forget to add the installation box to your project! What other things have we modified in the new version of the 2N Project Designer tool because of your feedback?

We have incorporated several changes to make creating door communication and access control solutions even clearer. Are you working on a residential or commercial project? Select the type, and we will recommend the right intercoms, answering units and access control system. You can modify any of our products to suit your precise needs. You choose which modules you want and whether to install the project on the surface of a wall or flush mount it. We will recommend the installation accessories you need according to your choices. We will also help you choose the licences. All you have to do is check off the required functions.

When you are happy with the configured products, simply adjust the quantity. You can add any other accessories you like to the project. And don’t forget about our services. They perfectly complement our entire product range. Do you have everything you need? Once you do, download the list of products you selected, including photos and order numbers, and send them to your distributor or one of our sales staff.

Using the 2N Project Designer saves your valuable time. Don’t hesitate to try this unique tool right now.

Try the new and improved 2N Project Designer