01.08.2023 Solutions

Optimise 2N IP Intercoms: and More!

 Discover how apps such as 2N® IP Eye work alongside 2N IP intercoms at every stage of your project and discover two other great apps. 

Good, convenient access doesn’t end at the IP intercom at the front door: what goes on behind the scenes matters, too. That’s why 2N have developed quite a few online tools to help you – but which are our best apps, and what do they do?

2N® IP Eyeip intercom

2N® IP Eye is a free desktop app that enhances your end user’s access experience by making answering the door a piece of cake.

When a call comes in from the video intercom, the video from it is automatically displayed in a pop-up window on the PC - so users can immediately see who’s there. Then, it allows the user to unlock the door - or switch on a light - without even taking the call. Access doesn’t get faster than that!

2N® IP Eye is an ideal solution if you have a regular desktop IP telephone that can’t display video, and it can also be used as a video surveillance tool by displaying live video from several IP intercoms at the same time. This allows users to monitor what’s going on in every area of the building – and it even supports the streaming of external cameras from third-party manufacturers such as Axis.

Why is it great?

It puts everything in one place for the user – door control, call-taking, the ability to turn on a light, and security monitoring. It’s also easy to use, and free!

Which IP intercoms does it work with?

2N® IP Eye is compatible with all 2N IP intercoms, but our favourites include the 2N® IP Style and the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 – due to their super powerful, Full HD cameras that offer unrivalled image quality!

2N® Network Scanner

The 2N® Network Scanner is a free desktop app for locating 2N IP intercoms, access readers, indoor stations and even the 2N® Access Commander installations in the network. After searching the network, the app will display the model, firmware version, and IP address of all 2N devices found on a chart.

Why is it great?

It simplifies the administration and installation of intercom systems – which makes your job much easier! You don’t need to source the IP address of the device and write it into your browser. Run the 2N® Network Scanner instead and double-click on the device in the list and ta-dah, the device’s web interface appears!

It’s also fast, intuitive to use, and free to download.

2N® AppeAR

Can’t choose the right 2N IP intercoms, access control reader or indoor station? An understandable dilemma, they’re all great. That’s where our newest mobile app is a real gem for the beginning stages of your project – and it could even help you impress your customers…

2N® AppeAR uses Augmented Reality to create a virtual installation of all 2N products on flat surfaces. Point your phone with 2N AppeAR installed at the place you want to install it and it’ll show up in a 1:1 scale display!

You can also get 3D models of 2N products - complete with dimensions and the ability to view them disassembled, as well as all the technical information you need (product descriptions and links to relevant documents) – in one app.

The interactive product portfolio is another benefit - point your phone at the product page in our catalogue and view a 3D model of the product right in front of you!

Why is it great?

Put simply – for better preparation and total convenience: two of the most important things that allow your project to run smoothly. Having everything you need about 2N products at your fingertips is great and allows you to make more informed decisions quickly.

And, of course, you can use 2N® AppeAR to show your customers how great 2N IP intercoms like the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 will look on their buildings!

Want to get more out of your 2N IP intercoms?

Don’t neglect our apps! We designed them with you, and your customers, in mind. Speak to our team about how they can work as part of a whole solution.

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