09.08.2022 Software

Out With the Old, in With Bi-directional Video - Introducing 2N OS 2.35

We’re updating the 2N OS to give you some great new features – as well as simplifying our IP Intercom Licensing to make your life a little easier, too!

Get some face-to-face action

The coolest feature of 2N OS 2.35 - bi-directional video. Put simply – it means visitors can see the receptionist they’re calling directly on the display of 2N® IP Style. What’s so great about that? Well, not only is it ideal for receptions and remotely managed info/SOS points; it’s also a great feature for the hearing impaired as they can communicate using sign language. 2N® IP Style

Please note to use this function, the receptionist must of course be equipped with an IP phone with a camera - ideally our new 2N® IP Phone D7A.

2N® IP Style – now with even more

We’re a bit obsessed with development here at 2N – our team are constantly improving our products and adding new features. The 2N® IP Style is already a groundbreaker, but we’re giving it some great new tweaks and improvements when upgraded to 2N OS 2.35:

  • Keypad acoustic feedback - 2N® IP Style can now signal display touches acoustically with a click similar to a phone; better feedback to visitors.
  • New idle mode - 2N® IP Style has a new showcase mode, which displays the current date and time and the weather in a selected or automatically detected location.
  • Other smaller, but equally important improvements such as the support of Arabic, and a larger, more user-friendly button for Bluetooth authentication via WaveKey.

Support of advanced T profile for ONVIF

ONVIF settings have had a total rework. 2N intercoms now support both S & T profiles: the S profile which functions as a standard for basic video streaming, and the T profile which serves advanced video streaming. This brings new possibilities and events such as:

  • Motion detection or tamper alarm
  • Support of bi-directional audio
  • Broadening of integration possibilities

Note: as ONVIF services were totally reworked we recommend you restart all the systems that use integration with 2N devices via ONVIF and check their settings and functionality after you have upgraded to version 2.35.0.