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Remotely Manage Emergency Communication Devices in the New 2N® Elevator Center

We guarantee that you will never again want to return to time-consuming setup of devices via unreliable DTMF.

Smart management

2N® Elevator Center is a cloud portal where you can manage all IP emergency lift communication devices (IP communicators, gateways and routers). You don’t need any IT expertise to set up a device. Devices will automatically log in to the portal and configure themselves in just a few seconds once the technician has connected them at their installation site.

2N® Elevator Center

Effective monitoring

You can also remotely monitor the device and find out whether it is registered for a mobile network, which operator the network uses, how strong the signal is, and much more. Does it have a problem? You can connect to the device and resolve the issue. If a technician is required to visit the actual site, they will at least already know the cause of the problem.

A tried and tested solution

2N® Elevator Center is a part of our My2N platform. Other services are already available on the platform, offering unrivalled reliability and tens of thousands of connected devices. 2N® Elevator Center is a new service, but it is built on a solution tried and tested over many years.

Save time with remote device management

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