03.08.2021 Software

Resolve 4 Out Of 5 User Requests Remotely

Forget call-outs. Connect to the web interface of the intercom whenever you want, wherever you are. Try the improved version of our 2N® Remote Configuration service.

What have we changed?

We’ve created our own protocol, which we call Tribble Tunnel. This protocol can permanently maintain a secure https connection between My2N cloud and the 2N product. This allows you to use the local graphic interface directly to configure the product.Man, notebook

The advantage over the previous method of access via VPN is faster connection to the device, greater reliability and lower demands on maintaining the connection. The entire channel is encrypted using TLS based on certificates issued by My2N. What does this mean? A high level of security – done.

Is there a catch?

It’s not exactly a catch, but there are 2 conditions. The new version of the 2N® Remote Configuration service requires our devices to have the latest firmware 2.32, so update now. And the second condition? This is a cloud service, so naturally the product must be connected to the internet.

What is 2N® Remote Configuration?

2N® Remote Configuration is one of the services offered by the My2N cloud. It saves time for thousands of our customers who no longer have to travel to the installation site to change the configuration. The vast majority of user requests can be resolved remotely over the Internet. It really is extremely simple:

  • Create an account at my2n.com.
  • Create an installation site in your account.
  • Add the products located at the installation site.
  • Configure them remotely.

Do you want to save on call-outs too?

Start using the 2N® Remote Configuration service right now. It’s completely free.

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