31.03.2021 Software

The Popular 2N Project Designer in Your Language

2N Project Designer is used daily by hundreds of customers just like you, all over the world. And it is clear that for most of you, English is not your mother tongue. This is why we want to make project creation easier for you.

2N Project DesignerStep one: go the 2N Project Designer homepage and select the language in the toolbar at the top. Step two: select the project type and start configuring. Nothing complicated about it at all. In most cases, the correct language is even selected automatically according to your location.

And what if you only realise halfway through configuration that you would prefer to read the product descriptions in Spanish instead of English? You certainly don’t have to cancel the project you are creating. The language can also be changed while you are in the process of creating the project.

Which languages are we talking about? Those which you are used to seeing on our website. Apart from English and the already mentioned Spanish, you can choose French, German, Czech or Italian. Choose the language which is most natural to you. You can now spend less time than ever creating projects, and your customers will also see the benefits. Present the final proposed project to them as a PDF in the language they feel most comfortable using.

Apart from this major change, we have made a few other improvements to the application. One of them is the possibility to add two 2N Access Unit 2.0 readers one below the other to a two-module frame. We have learned from you that sometimes a single reader with combined access is not enough and that you may also want to add a fingerprint reader or mechanical keypad to certain installations.

Have you been avoiding using 2N Project Designer because the application was only available in English? Nothing stands in your way now!

Start creating a project in your selected language