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This Year’s Best 2N Indoor Station Features

Increase residents’ security and peace of mind thanks to the latest features of 2N indoor stations.

DoorViewer feature offers enhanced home securityindoor station

This innovation not only bolsters residents' home security but also enriches their user experience by transforming their indoor stations into spyholes thanks to seamless integration with external cameras and doorbell buttons.

Setting Up the DoorViewer Feature

  1. Connect a doorbell button at the apartment door to the input of the 2N® Indoor View

  2. Install an IP camera to monitor the area in front of the apartment door

  3. Configure the DoorViewer feature within the 2N OS interface: Navigate to Digital Inputs > Security > Doorbell Button

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Seamless IP camera switching during calls

This feature allows the integration of up to 16 external cameras with the indoor station, enabling users to effortlessly switch between associated cameras during calls, including live preview situations. What’s more, the order of associated cameras can be customized according to preference.

Plus, no direct connection between the external camera and the IP intercom is required – instead, the devices only need to be on the same network, and pairing can be established easily through the 2N OS!

Audio-only devices transformed!

This feature extends beyond video devices – cameras can be paired with non-video devices such as audio-only intercoms, third-party devices, and IP phones - effectively transforming audio-only devices into video-enabled devices and allowing users to oversee even more areas from their 2N® Indoor View.

Real-time door status displayed on 2N Indoor Stations

With 2N OS version 2.37, indoor stations have the capability to provide real-time contact status updates for doors connected to the IP intercom. Wondering how this works? Just install a magnetic door contact on both the door and its frame, and then link it to a 2N IP intercom. Subsequently, the indoor station can seamlessly communicate with the intercom and directly present door contact information on its display.

Which Door Statuses Are Displayed and Why Do They Matter?

  • Open/Closed Door: This status allows the indoor station user to determine whether the visitor has entered and closed the door securely. It's the most common way residents benefit from this feature.
  • Extended Door Open: Indicating that a door has been left open for an extended period, this status serves as a safety measure to prevent unauthorized access and potential threats to the building's security.
  • Forced Door Opening: When a door is forcibly opened this status signals an immediate security risk to residents' well-being and property.

Vigilant residents and efficient Security Notifications = safe homes!

To alert the resident about an open door, the indoor station will display a graphic (red icon and text alert). If the resident spots the alert, they can simply close the door or inform relevant security personnel (guards, managers, receptionists). Although a well-configured setup should already notify the responsible party about prolonged open doors or forced openings, residents' vigilance can further contribute to resolving security concerns.

It’s crucial to promptly inform responsible individuals (security officers, managers, etc.) about open doors. This can be achieved through our Automation section where you can establish automatic actions like sending emails to designated personnel for extended open doors or forced openings.

Setting Up the Solution

  1. Attach a door contact to both the IP intercom and indoor station.

  2. Verify that both the IP intercom and indoor station run 2N OS version 2.37 or newer and are connected to the same LAN network.

  3. Link the door contact to the IP intercom input (Input1, Input2, Ext.In1, etc.).

  4. Access Hardware/Doors/Door/Open Door Sensor.

  5. In the Assigned Input section, select the connected input for the door contact.

  6. Activate the Unauthorized Door Opening Detection and/or Detection of Door Opened for Too Long options.

  7. The indoor station will automatically display door status without requiring additional configuration in its settings.

For more detailed information, including screenshots and solution settings in the Automation section, refer to our FAQs available in the article 'How to Wire and Configure a Door Contact on an IP Intercom.'

Enhanced visuals with pinch-to-zoom

Security is paramount for residents, particularly when verifying people seeking entry into their homes. The 2N OS 2.35 addressed this by allowing users to pinch on the display of their 2N® Indoor View to zoom in during video intercom calls: providing clearer views of the caller's face, the details on a delivery person's name tag, or even an individual's ID if necessary. Activating this function is as easy as pinching two fingers, just like on a smartphone!

Revolutionizing voicemail: a new era

Videomail is now featured in the 2N® Indoor View!

When a resident is away, the front entrance video intercom offers the option to play a personalized message recorded by the resident or a built-in default message. Visitors can then record video messages, which residents receive notifications for on their 2N® Indoor View indoor station. These messages can be played with a simple click and give a great history of who tried to visit whilst the resident was out!

Pro Tip: The video message function is also available on the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0.

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