13.12.2021 Software

Try New Bulk Import Of Users To My2N

Adding 20 users to My2N was a time-consuming and tedious job. We’re changing that right now and adding a new feature that will save you lots of time. And what better time to do so than just before Christmas?

Administrators no longer have to add users to the My2N portal one by one. As a rule, every facility manager already has a table with users at the ready. Now, all they need is CTRL+C and CTRL+V to turn tiresome minutes spent adding users one by one into a matter of seconds.My2N

You’ll find a new button for importing users (Import users) in the user section (Site users). In just a few steps, you can import users and My2N will help you through the import process. It even offers you a spreadsheet template into which you can just copy the names and email addresses of the users from your own file. We recommend using this ready-made table to avoid problems with the import. My2N supports CSV, XLS and XLSX formats.

Do you need to import more than just a name and email address to My2N? Tell us what you need on the feedback portal.

Why connect products to My2N?

My2N is a cloud-based platform that will free you from wires, travels of technicians and complicated setup. My2N is the backbone of the 2N ecosystem and helps you get the most out of our products. Which service appeals to you the most?

  • 2N® Mobile Video – the most reliable way to make calls from an intercom to the user’s smartphone over the internet. Alternatively, you can connect the intercom to answering units via the Internet, so your hands are no longer tied by the local network.
  • 2N® Remote Configuration – How long does it take to change the name of a user on the intercom display? About 2 minutes, but how long does it take to get from the office to the intercom and back? You don’t need to worry about that anymore. With the 2N® Remote Configuration service, you can connect to the intercom’s web interface from wherever you happen to be.
  • 2N® Residential Access – we make administration quicker and easier. Assign access credentials to users (RFID card or PIN code) directly in My2N.

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