28.01.2022 Software

Turn Your Smartphone Into an Access Credential. Quickly and Without the Cloud

Learn how to generate mobile credential access control and pair your smartphone with Bluetooth readers. Save yourself a lot of time and costs associated with distribution. See how it works in the video.

Our unique WaveKey technology is synonymous with reliable, fast and secure mobile access. In a few clicks, the receptionist, security guard or administrator generates a unique pairing PIN in the 2N® Access Commander software and sends it to the user. The user then simply walks up to the door with the Bluetooth reader and enters the PIN in the 2N® Mobile Key app. Pairing with the access control system according to the set access rules is again handled by 2N® Access Commander.

Give your users convenience and flexibility without having to connect to the cloud! Our expert Gareth will show you how to do it in detail.