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Want Efficient Office Intercom System Configuration & Management?

Let us remind you of the updates we added to the 2N® Access Commander over the last six months. They were all added to make your office intercom system run smoothly!

What is the 2N® Access Commander, and why should you use it?

The nerve centre of a 2N office intercom system allows you to configure IP intercoms, access control readers, and other devices in a user-friendly interface that offers advanced access configuration. What’s more, you can assign basic admin rights to the end-user to save your time on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s run through the latest versions of the platform. And remember: if you want these benefits, make sure you keep updating your software!

Version 2.6: easier integration, better office intercom systems!office intercom system

With version 2.6, we've made integration smoother than ever before by revamping the API structure of 2N® Access Commander. APIv3 is a real efficiency booster, making integration with third-party platforms easier and allowing you to complete multiple operations with fewer API calls.

For all those who need real-time data, we've got something that will really benefit you. Feast your eyes on the SignalR API option! It works like a charm, sending every access log event in 2N® Access Commander to third-party platforms at the speed of light.

Version 2.5: quicker time setup

Say farewell to individual time setup on devices! Thanks to the NTP server functionality, even office intercom systems without internet access can benefit. Once you've set the date and time in 2N® Access Commander (via time zone, NTP server, or manual entry), our software will magically distribute this time to all connected devices. Voilà! No more managing each device separately - instant synchronization was achieved.

On top of this, the devices don't even need internet access! A connection to 2N® Access Commander in the local network is enough, making the office intercom system installation even more user-friendly and practical, especially for administrators dealing with incidents and searching for access logs at specific times.

Version 2.4: attendance monitoring made affordable

If you are currently using our free 'Basic' license for 2N® Access Commander, we have great news for you! You can now add the 'Attendance Monitoring' license* to your installation.

The best part is that this makes attendance monitoring affordable even for smaller office intercom systems with up to 5 devices and 50 users: you no longer need to pay for an upgrade to apply the Attendance Monitoring add-on.

So, how does the Attendance Monitoring feature work? It's simple! Employees can swipe their access cards on the IN reader when they start their working day and on the OUT reader when they take breaks or leave the building for the day.

The system records their attendance within 2N® Access Commander itself, allowing easy monitoring by administrators, managers, or HR personnel. Additionally, the data can be seamlessly integrated with a professional Time & Attendance system if required.

* Please note that the 'Basic & Attendance Monitoring' license is compatible only with 2N® Access Commander version 2.4 or higher. Better get upgrading!

Version 2.3: multiple improvements!

Delegate access rights to users

The key to efficiency in office intercom systems is avoiding unnecessary time wasting - and delegating everyday access rights and tasks to other administrators is how you’ll do that. 2N® Access Commander 2.3 improved the existing authentication method for access and added a few more. Now any manager can use the selected widgets on the dashboard and see what’s relevant to their roles:

  • User management – the user manager creates/edits users/visitors and can manage user groups.
  • Access management – the access manager oversees groups, time profiles, access rules and visitors.
  • Attendance management – the attendance manager monitors and edits the attendance system.
  • Visitor management – the visitor manager can be assigned one or multiple companies (if they’re working in a building with more than one company)
  • Door control – the authorised user can open, lock, and monitor intercom cameras on assigned doors. The typical user for this function is a receptionist who can see the door or turnstile and control it from a widget on the dashboard.

Back up directly in the web interface

In this version, we added software backup and recovery – to make the important office intercom system backup process as quick as possible!

  • Back up immediately or periodically
  • Choose from local or remote storage
  • Restore from local storage or a file in the same location
  • Duplicate the settings of another installation with 2N® Access Commander software

Improved auditing and access management thanks to the Access Matrix

Due to the fact access rights are always changing, particularly in larger installations, access administrators often ask for simpler audit options – and we gave it to them!

The access matrix became a one-stop centre for managing access rules: in it, the administrator can:

  • See clearly which user group has access to which zone
  • See whether the group has unrestricted access or time-limited access
  • Filter the matrix to a level of detail where they can compare the access rights of individual users
  • Very easily change and assign access rights

Do you have a project that needs Licence Plate Recognition?

The 2N® Access Commander includes car licence plates as access credentials, allowing you to restrict car access to a garage. Simply install an Axis camera capable of reading licence plates – and connect it to a 2N IP intercom or access control reader.

The camera will read the licence plates of incoming cars, and the connected intercom (or access control reader) will open the barrier automatically for cars with authorised licence plates.

Want to see how efficient office intercom systems can be?

Test out the 2N® Access Commander online by visiting our online demo. You can create your own users and access rules, and really get a sense of how the system works. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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