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We Are Discontinuing the Sale of the 2N® NetStar PBX

After more than 17 years. Find out if there's a replacement for this groundbreaking piece of technology.

2N NetStarThe 2N® NetStar is a digital communications system that was developed to provide an effective solution for business communications. It supported a range of telephone interfaces for voice transmission (BRI/PRI/VoIP/GSM/UMTS) and integrated them into one system. This has always been its greatest strength, but it's also the reason why it's being discontinued. After all, the most common way of transmitting voice today is IP, and analogue, GSM, and digital transmission methods are declining considerably. The official discontinuation took place on December 31, 2022, but the sale was still ongoing until now.

What are the alternatives?

As for analogue, GSM and digital communication, we do not offer a viable alternative. As mentioned above, these technologies are declining.

If you are interested in the popular IP technology, there is no reason for despair. The software variant of the 2N® NetStar SW product will reliably replace a traditional hardware PBX, as it can serve as an IP PBX, virtual PBX, and even an intercom server. 2N® NetStar SW just needs to be installed on a PC and you can start making calls.

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