14.12.2021 Special Offers

We’re Prolonging Our Special Offer! A Voucher For 2N® Mobile Video With Every Indoor Station

Everybody likes getting presents, but we at 2N like to give them even more. And with us, you don’t have to wait until Christmas, we have one for you right now.

We’ve decided that you will continue to receive a free voucher for the 2N® Mobile Video service with every new indoor station. This special offer has been running for six months and we originally wanted to end it this year, but seeing as it’s Christmas, we’ve decided to prolong it until 30 June 2022. If you have a larger project (cca 8 or more units), you do not have to complete the project by this date, just register it with a 2N account manager. My2N Voucher

You will find the voucher in the box and you simply copy the voucher code into the installation (Site) in your My2N account. You will receive credits immediately and can start using them right away. What values do vouchers come in? The value of the voucher depends on the product it comes with.

  • 2N® Indoor Talk – voucher for 12 credits (i.e. 1 year/1 phone)
  • 2N® Indoor Compact – voucher for 24 credits (i.e. 2 years/1 phone)
  • 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 – voucher for 36 credits (i.e. 3 years/1 phone)

Our tip on how to use credits

Vouchers are not tied to the unit you purchased. So, you don’t even have to redeem them in the same installation that you are buying the indoor station for.

2N® Mobile Video for every project

Offer a premium service for making calls from an intercom to a mobile phone with the 2N solution.

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