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We’ve Discontinued Sale of 2N® IP Vario and 2N® IP Uni Intercoms in America

You are not interested in the 2N® IP Vario and 2N® IP Uni in the Americas. This is why we discontinued sales of these products on 1 January 2021. Are you one of the few people who were buying these products? We can advise you which products to choose instead.

What to order instead of the 2N® IP Vario?

2N® IP Vario and 2N® IP Uni

The 2N® IP Vario could be used in residential and office projects. You could order 14 different versions of the product. These ranged from an audio intercom with a single button to a video intercom with a keypad and display. The unit met the requirements for a wide range of your projects but not all your requirements by far. We advise you to use the modular 2N® IP Verso intercom for your next project. You can configure the unit to precisely suit your needs, and it looks great!

What to order instead of the 2N® IP Uni?

The 2N® IP Uni audio intercom was robust and had one or two buttons. Instead of this, opt for the 2N® IP Safety intercom. It also has one or two buttons and is not just robust, it is unbreakable. Do you have a project where pricing is a sensitive issue? Order the 2N® IP Base. You can choose whether you want one or two buttons after unpacking the unit. It is made from durable plastic and has an HD camera.

We will continue to sell the 2N® IP Vario and 2N® IP Uni intercoms outside the Americas.

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