11.11.2021 Special Offers

Would You Like to Improve My2N? Let Us Know How

Do you long for a one-off licence for 2N® Mobile Video? Would you find the bulk import of users handy? How about an interface in multiple languages? Help us prioritise our ideas or add one of your own.

My2N is a robust and stable platform today, with tens of thousands of users and their number is growing rapidly every month. But it’s still a living thing that we are constantly developing and responding to your needs.

This is why we’re asking: which functions are most important to you? Click on three functions, rate their importance and give your reason in one sentence in the comments section.

Do you have your own idea about something you would like to see changed? Go to the feedback portal, click on the blue button and tell us about it.

Tailor My2N to meet your needs

Give us your feedback. Together we can adapt My2N to your satisfaction.

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