2N® LiftIP Service Tool

With the 2N® LiftIP Service Tool, you will be able to fully configure the 2N® LiftIP lift communicator yourself. The tool will also help you update the software or switch between languages for audio announcements played back in the lift cabin or used during configuration.

  • Simple configuration of the lift communicator
  • Scanning function
  • Clearly ordered parameters

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The 2N® LiftIP Service Tool includes a scanning function for identifying communicators within the network. After searching the network, the tool will display a table with serial numbers, relevant firmware versions, and IP addresses. This function simplifies the administration and installation of a lift communicator.

The “Configuration” menu displays all the 2N® LiftIP lift communicator parameters arranged clearly in individual groups. The “Upgrade” menu is used to change the voice menu language or update the firmware to a newer version.