Apartment-driven access rights
Reduce the time spent managing access rights. Instead of setting access rights for individuals, set access rights for apartments.
Management of RFID and PIN code credentials
Currently in My2N, you can set up two of the most popular access technologies on the residential market. Support for others is in the pipeline!
Bulk assignment of access rights
Don’t waste time assigning access rights to individual doors - create access groups (a group of doors) and speed up your work by assigning an entire group to a user.
Instant synchronization
A lost access card is a security risk. Invalidate it remotely and prevent unauthorized access instantly.
Access logs
Make access monitoring a breeze with access logs: see who was entering or leaving at certain time stamps and quickly get to the bottom of any incidents.
Set up access rules in seconds
The My2N Management Platform offers a range of smart features that make managing your access control system super-efficient


Always ask your supplier about call encryption, hosting servers and international standards for security and personal data processing.
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