My2N Pricing

The vast majority of My2N platform features are available free of charge. Study the complete pricing policy below.







Site management
User management
Product management
Firmware updates
Cloud calls between 2N/AXIS products (2N®️ IP Style, 2N®️ IP Verso 2.0, 2N®️ IP Verso, 2N®️ LTE Verso, 2N®️ IP One, 2N®️ IP Solo, 2N®️ IP Force, 2N®️ IP Safety, 2N®️ IP Vario, 2N®️ IP Base, 2N®️ IP Uni, 2N®️ IP Audio Kit, 2N®️ Indoor Touch 2.0, 2N®️ Indoor View, 2N®️ Indoor Compact, 2N®️ Clip, 2N®️ Indoor Talk, AXIS A8105-E, AXIS A8207-VE Mk II, AXIS I8016-LVE)
Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
Access data management
Provisioning (support for different firmware versions and networks)
Cloud calling from an intercom to a smartphone/tablet
Cloud calling from an intercom to another manufacturer's answering unit (also applies to the 2N® IP Handset, 2N® IP Phone D7A, 2N® SIP Speaker and the 2N® SIP Speaker Horn)

Subscription to a paid cloud calling service

Choose the right installation option

Choosing the right installation option will make management easier both now and in the future when we add an update to the My2N portal. By selecting your installation option, you will automatically set up the payment model for your paid cloud calling service. It is not possible to change the installation option later.

  • Apartment building = payment for each apartment (one apartment includes up to four paid devices).
  • Family home = payment for each device (smartphone, tablet, answering unit from other manufacturers).
  • Other (offices, stores, special use premises) = payment for each device (smartphone, tablet, answering unit of other manufacturers).

If you do not specify the type of project, a payment for each device will take place. There is no minimum order volume.


  • Annual subscription per apartment: 40 USD (MSRP)
  • Annual subscription per device: 27 USD (MSRP)

Sales channels

How can I purchase a paid cloud calling subscription?

  • Via a direct channel – The user pays for the subscription with a credit card directly on the My2N portal. There is no room for margin for the service provider (integrator, property manager, etc.). Both monthly and annual payments are possible.
  • Via a distribution channel – The service provider (integrator, property manager, etc.) purchases the subscription from the 2N distributor. The service provider may charge a margin. Only an annual subscription is possible. Order numbers are:
  • 02682-001 2N Annual Device Subscription My2N
  • 02683-001 2N Annual Apartment Subscription My2N

Which devices are subject to payment?

Smartphones, tablets, third-party answering units, 2N® IP Handset, 2N® IP Phone D7A, 2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Speaker Horn.