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Elevator Access Control Solution

Access to individual floors of a building is part of a complete access control system. You can now offer this in your projects, limiting residents’ access to only the floors they live or work on. Everyone may access common floors and time profiles offer extra fine tuning of who can access which floors. Authentication in the lift may be by any of the access technologies we support. Complete your building security solution by incorporating the Lift Access Control solution.

  • Access to selected floors only
  • Various identification options
  • Suitable for up to 64 floors
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Elevator Access Control Solution
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Take control over letting people up
With elevator access control from 2N, you can include vertical access, via the elevator, in your access control solution. The solution starts with a 2N device located in the elevator cabin, allowing users to authenticate themselves. Supported devices include all 2N Access Units and 2N Access Unit 2.0 readers, plus selected intercoms. Users can identify themselves using an RFID card, fingerprint, PIN code or Bluetooth technology in their mobile phone.

A scalable solution for most commercial and residential buildings
To act as an interface between your lift controller and the 2N device, you will need an AXIS A9188 Network I/O Relay Module for lifts (0820-001). Each of these relay modules can control access to up to 8 floors. Furthermore, you may combine up to 8 of these modules together, allowing you to control access to up to 64 floors in total.

Incorporate elevator access in your existing solution
Finally, to manage elevator access, use 2N® Access Commander version 1.13 or higher. It may already be in use for horizontal access throughout the building. So using it to control vertical access too offers you a complete access control solution via one single interface. It lets you easily manage residents’ access throughout the building and to individual floors.

This solution is ideal for residential projects and office buildings.

Example of Typical Connection