Benefits for project planners/system architects

Find out why it pays off to plan your projects using our systems.

Changes in projects won’t catch you unaware 

Connecting products is simple. You won’t have to redo the entire project if the customer decides to change something. You also know that you are offering a solution which can stand up to any future demands.

Award-winning design

Dazzle your customers with beautiful products. Our intercoms and answering units have been awarded RedDot and iF Design prizes by panel members. We don’t design anything to the detriment of functionality. All our products are resistant to water, dust and vandalism.

No superfluous cables 

Don’t bother yourself designing complicated cabling when you plan a project. An installer can connect all our products using a single ethernet cable. This leads to the switch and also power the units. Drawing up schematics couldn’t be easier.

Simply copy product drawings

We have already prepared a full range of materials for you. You don’t have to create detailed project specifications, nor do have to draw CAD drawings and BIM models. Simply copy them into your project. You will find everything you need on our webpage with materials for architects and project planners.

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