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School Entrance Security

Increasing the safety of children on school premises should be a priority for us all. IP intercoms or access control units from 2N equipped with a camera and/or RFID reader cards are a perfect solution. When installed on all school entrances they reliably prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.

  • Secured access to the school
  • Access control using RFID cards
  • Wide-angle camera with links to CCTV
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School Entrance Security
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All pupils and teachers of the school are provided with a chip card that once applied to the intercom or access control device opens the door. This can allow them access not only to the school building itself, but to various rooms inside. Parents will also appreciate the option to receive an SMS that their child has arrived safely at school.

Any unauthorized person seeking to enter the building will not get in just like that. They need to contact the reception staff using the intercom at the entrance. The receptionist or caretaker verifies their identity over the videophone and can then allow or deny access. Thanks to the intercom being connected to the camera system, all visits can be recorded, too.

In an emergency situation all doors can be opened from the inside quite simply, even without using the card, and nothing prevents people leaving the building. And what if the danger was coming from a person authorized to enter all the rooms at the school, such as a student, teacher or caretaker? If this were the case, the responsible representative can deactivate all cards in a matter of seconds, thus blocking the attacker’s access to other rooms.

What’s more, selected 2N intercoms and access units are ruggedized against water, dust, and vandalism, to further improve child safety in the school.

Customer Success Stories
2N is Protecting Public Schools in Virginia
Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) was looking for a solution that would provide its staff with an opportunity to evaluate visitors via cameras and intercoms before allowing access to the buildings. A number of buildings would include an electronic keyless access control for specific staff members. Most of the school buildings have vestibules that create a separation from the exterior entrance and the office area but neither the exterior nor the interior doors were secure.

„The safety enhancements of the 2N® IP Force will bring increased peace of mind to parents and staff.“
Dellea Underwood
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Customer Success Stories
An Intelligent Access System from 2N Is Now Protecting a School Building
The school building in Prague-Troja is used by three institutions – an elementary school, a high-school and the local municipality offices. The building was using an outdated access system that began to malfunction and it was time for a change. The first requirement was to resolve access for all three institutions, enabling separated entry points and creating individual zones and restrictions related to the time of day.

„The 2N access system ensures quality protection for our school, yet the use and administration is simple. The new video intercoms are a great help, as well as registrations using RFID cards that each student or visitor has in their wallet.“
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Customer Success Stories
Fingerprint Access in Smart City
The Bílina town council decided to expand the town’s digital infrastructure and also focus on improving security at primary and nursery schools as part of the Smart Cities project.

„We wanted to enhance security in schools and prevent unauthorised people from freely moving through these areas.“
Zuzana Schwarz Bařtipánová
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Customer Success Stories
2N® IP Vario for PBS
The Prague British School is a well established fully accredited british school with almost 900 students and a staff body of 200. No centralised communication system in place, poor use of existing infrastructure led to productive inefficiencies. PBS required a system that would enhance the communication within a school environment and improve security for students on site.

„I have been completely satisifed with the quality of service, the quality of product and the improvements it has brought to our organisation. A dynamic response to customer needs ensured that we recieved a security and communication solution that enabled us to fulfill our desire to rationalise communcation provision and safety for children.“
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2N® IP Force keeps children safe in USA

Find out why Hudson Falls Schools in Fort Edward, NY, USA evaluated their security and installed the 2N® IP Force intercom with a camera at the front door.
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