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SOS point

A school playing field, city park, underground parking garage or motorway – all places where one may get into trouble, have an accident or be a witness to an attack. Just the place to get some help from 2N® IP Safety, which puts you through to some assistance immediately.

  • High-definition audio
  • Distinctive design
  • Robust and resilient to external factors
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10 W speaker to guarantee high-quality audibility and two microphones to ensure that even the operator will hear the other party.

The hallmark of the 2N® IP Safety SOS Communicator is its distinctive orange colour and blue backlit button. This makes it easy to find in an emergency, even in poorer visibility.

The intercom’s robust design ensures protection against water, dust or extreme temperatures, as well as against mechanical damage. In terms of its IPX rating, it offers maximum ingress protection (IP69).

Customer Success Stories
2N Protects Budapest
Budapest, one of the largest cities in the European Union with 1,8mil. inhabitants and annually visited by more than 2,5mil. tourists, recognized a need for permanent protection of its citizens and visitors. The local project owner adressed Young B.T.S. Kft., a company specialized in business communication systems and our long term partner, for an emergency points network solution.

„Based on the end user concept, we decided with our partner-integrator that 2N® IP Safety will be the best and future-proof solution for SOS Towers with its distinctive orange colour, robust anti-vandal design and High-quality audio.“
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Customer Success Stories
2N Emergency Intercoms Secure San Borja District
The Municipality of San Borja recognizes the need to protect its citizens and is therefore constantly seeking to improve the safety situation in their District. They were looking for a solution that would automatically connect users at the touch of a button to their Supervision Centre which provides required assistance or help. Therefore the city representatives decided to deploy Emergency buttons in selected locations.

„We decided to use 2N® IP Safety for its robust antivandal design, striking orange colour and High-quality audio.“
Marco Antonio Alvarez Vargas
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Customer Success Stories
Safety on Mexico Highways
In Mexico there was a construction of new highways in the western part of the country, between Durango and Mazatlán. Company Acaxes was solving problem to do intercommunication of SOS points on highways. Especially they were looking for product which can work on VoIP and SIP technology which can be integrated with the fiber optics network.

„I would like to inform you about a great notice that the 2N® IP Safety were successfully installed and now working as SOS points at highways in western part of country. Mexican President was at the inauguration opening of the new highway and the 2N products were seen on that event.“
Miguel Herrera
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2N® IP Safety Protects Budapest

Protection of native populations and tourists is becoming an ever increasing need in today’s world. Budapest, one of the largest cities in the European Union, came to this conclusion as well.
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