Please, be aware that information presented about 2N Telekomunikace in the article below may not be relevant to the market in Americas and APAC.

You need no longer worry about the days without the 2N product you bought while waiting to settle an issue. We now offer an Immediate Replacement service. Instead of waiting for the repair you get a functional product right after sending in the faulty piece.


What do you gain from Immediate Replacement?

  • The certainty of swapping a faulty product for a fully functioning one, all through the standard warranty period
  • The functioning product is immediately available
  • No waiting for your product claim or repair to be dealt with
  • Save miscellaneous claim costs

What products are covered by the Immediate Replacement?

  • All the products listed in the 2N intercom price list
  • Applies solely to distributors with a valid distribution agreement

How much will this service cost me?

  • The service is provided free of charge.
  • If the conditions for warranty repair are not met, additional charges may apply.