20.03.2019 Solutions

Another Successful Project: An Apartment Block in Vienna

A luxury residential complex of 53 apartment blocks in the Ottakring district of Vienna is another of the many projects secured by the cutting-edge technology of IP access control units and intercoms.

The residential complex has been fitted with 2N® IP Verso and 2N® IP Safety security intercoms, side entrances are guarded by 2N Access Units and all devices and access rights are collectively administered using 2N® Access Commander software. Thanks to integration with a camera system by Milestone, which monitors the residential complex, as well as integration with security doors, this can be deemed a truly comprehensive security system.

The comprehensiveness, easy installation and user friendliness of the system were the key factors taken into consideration when choosing the supplier. That’s why 2N products were the obvious choice.

Residential Complex in Vienna

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