18.12.2018 Software

Try Out the New Functions Offered by FW 2.25 for the 2N® Indoor Talk

FW 2.25, which has just been released for our stylish 2N® Indoor Talk answering units offers users new options for their use with a continuing emphasis on preserving simplicity and intuitive control.

So what new features does the new firmware offer?

Control of two different locks from the unit
In order to control two different locks from the answering unit, the 2N® Indoor Talk now distinguishes between a short and long press of the button with the lock icon. A short press can be used to open a gate, for example, and a long press to open the garage doors.

Advanced settings for “Do not disturb” mode
Just like in the previous case, here too, the unit supports a long and short press of the crossed-out bell icon. “Do not disturb” mode is activated permanently with a short press of the button and remains active until the user presses the button again. A long press of the button activates “Do not disturb” mode for a limited time, the default value being 8 hours, after which the mode is automatically deactivated. This value can be changed via the unit’s web interface.

Various levels of backlighting in active and standby status
If the unit is being actively used, all the icons are backlit with a higher, adjustable, intensity. As soon as this activity ends, the intensity of the backlighting drops after a set period of inactivity (15 sec to 10 min) so there is no glare from the unit, especially at night.

To use the new functions, install firmware 2.25.

Take a look at the new features of firmware 2.25 in the video