2N Distributor Summit 2021: it´s a wrap! 


 Dušan Benža, 09. 11. 2021 | 2 min read

Let´s shortly recap last week´s successful event. Due to the current restrictions, we were only able to invite a limited number of participants to our HQ in Prague. But it was still great to finally meet up with many of our highly valued distributors in person. 

2N Distributor Summit


In the end, 40 distributors’ representatives attended in person which is a great number considering the circumstances. Those who couldn't make it didn’t miss the presentation of the latest 2N products as we broadcasted the entire event online. We celebrated 30 years of growth together by introducing some major product innovations and discussing how the acces control and home automation markets will evolve in the future.

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Unfortunately, the best part of the summit couldn't have been streamed online: enjoying the World´s best beer and specialities of Czech cuisine in a nice restaurant in the heart of Prague while chatting with friends, business partners and listening to legendary 2N Band. See you next year! 

Check out the atmosphere at the meeting