Erik Dragomirecký: Our technology stack is at the forefront of the industry 


 Marek Chládek, 24. 06. 2022 | 7 min read

How is the development of the My2N cloud platform advancing? What is the team currently working on and how are the team members enjoying themselves? We interviewed My2N's head of development - Erik, who joined 2N four years ago as a project engineer.

Erik Dragomirecký


Erik, what do you do at 2N?

I'm in charge of three full-stack teams that run and develop our My2N cloud platform.

Can you give me a layman's perspective on what My2N does?

My2N cloud is divided into two parts. The first one is dedicated to residential projects. Customers buy home intercoms and answering units for their apartments and when they add these devices to our cloud service, it becomes more efficient for them to manage these. He or she can set up cloud-based calls between devices, access rights, and even do remote diagnostics on the devices.

The second is the Elevator Center, which communicates with various devices in shafts and elevator cabins. We facilitate remote monitoring and management of these devices and, in the future, we will also provide cloud-based calling from the elevator to the control centre. Until now, the customer was not able to monitor elevators and could only configure them via text messages or had to send a technician to the location.

And how quickly are more devices being added?

In the Elevator Center, for example, we are growing by several thousand devices per month, which can sometimes be a challenge. We have to adapt in order to be able to provide servicing to all of them at once. For example, we are now working on the easiest solution to upgrade 30,000 devices at once. So we're working on bulk operations to be able to handle a lot of requests at once and still have an easily understandable output for our customers.

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In what aspects do you think 2N's solution is better than others?

We have our own communication channel that we developed in-house. We call it Tribble Tunnel and My2N is a robust and reliable platform. The synchronization with the devices itself, for example, is designed to be really comprehensive. Even if a device disconnects for quite a long period of time and then reconnects, we overwrite any changes to it. We actually keep a virtual image of all the devices in the cloud. This is where the robustness and reliability comes in.

Robustness and reliability in one project, that's not usually the standard. 

At My2N, it's 100% true. It's mainly the architecture design of the whole system. The My2N system is designed as a microservice architecture. We have services that are running independently and communicate with each other. We have several instances of each microservice running, so we guarantee that one is always available.

Are you currently looking for someone to join your team?

Yes, mainly Java developers, from juniors to seniors. We currently need help, for example, with the development of a residential access management service we call 2N Residential Access. My2N is a microservice event-driven architecture and runs in AWSk, we use Kafka, Kafka streams and even Kubernetes. So, having experience with some of these technologies would be beneficial.

Can a person who is not familiar with all of them also apply? 

This is pretty much the case with virtually all new colleagues. Our technology stack, which is at the forefront of the industry, is an asset. This is due to the fact that our developers are enthusiastic and come up with a lot of new ideas. Only sometimes do we have to tame it a little bit to still maintain a high level of reliability. Oftentimes, newcomers are not used to working with the latest gadgets. They don't know the whole technology stack and they have to learn. And we're happy to have people on our team who are eager to learn, and we're looking for the same type of candidate.access control reader

So how do your teams operate?

We have three full-stack teams where every role is filled (front end, back end, testers, analyst, UX). So the team is able to make all the development it needs.

Our organization uses the Agile software development approach, with SCRUM at the team level and SAFe for team synchronization. We also work with a lot of other teams within 2N, and we have tight deadlines to meet, which SAFe helps us with.

Our teams are highly autonomous, with the ability to decide what they do and how they organize their work. They are responsible for making sure that the product works, that it evolves and that they are incident-free. Our product is only loosely defined, and how they get there is up to them.

Oh, and don't forget that we're not just based in Prague. We also have a small team in Hradec Kralove, where we are planning a large expansion.

Companies today are increasingly focusing on "culture fit," which means that the new colleague fits into the team not only on a professional but also on a human level. What is your company's approach?

I like that we always talk straight with each other in the team, and I dare to say that a great deal of friendships have been formed here. I mean, the environment here is relaxed. Every week before work, we play badminton in the morning; today, we're going go-karting. But there's also an extreme sense of proactivity. Our teams are proactively developing and perfecting their product and themselves as well. This is crucial for any agile system to work.

What do you do outside of 2N?

I have 2 young children, which has narrowed the scope of my hobbies quite a bit. I really enjoy it, and I have to say that I enjoy how I can fit my work life around my family life at least to some extent. I occasionally arrive late, leave early, or stay at home when necessary.

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