The future of 2N IP intercom is powered by the Axis ARTPEC-7 chip


Lukáš Psota Lukáš Psota, 21. 12. 2021 | 5 min read

The next generation of door IP intercom systems has the surveillance industry to thank for its enhanced performance.

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In 2016, we were acquired by Axis. It was, of course, a significant moment for both companies, but 2021 was an equally important milestone. We've taken the cutting-edge surveillance innovations that Axis has been developing since the 1990s and combined them with the best IP intercoms. The result is the 2N® IP Style,  our first IP intercom with a next generation platform powered by Axis’s ARTPEC-7 chip.

Launched in June, it recently won a CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Award at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis and an IoT/Connected Product Award in two categories. The chip deserves some of the credit for this because it was the innovative component that gives the 2N® IP Style an unrivalled advantage in three areas:

Image quality and processing

Axis cameras are the best you can get on the camera market. The ARTPEC chip is the biggest contributor to this, bringing a number of benefits and improvements with each new generation. Chief among these is the perfectly sharp image that the ARTPEC-7 provides for the 2N® IP Style, even in difficult, changing lighting conditions. The technology includes:

  • Axis Lightfinder 2.0 for more saturated and realistic colours than ever before in low light conditions,
  • Forensic Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which enhances detail in backlit scenes, or scenes with big differences between the lightest and darkest areas
  • and increased sensitivity to light, which also significantly extends the range of illumination with IR.

Axis Lightfinder 2.0

Combined with superior computing power, the ARTPEC-7 allows us to stream up to three full HD RTSP streams. This is not common in the IP intercom industry, but you can expect this kind of power in all our future IP intercoms.

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2N has taken the industry lead when it comes to cybersecurity. As with all of our products, the 2N® IP Style was designed and developed with cybersecurity in mind. ARTPEC-7 has been an asset here too. The chip enables ‘built-in’ security features, including signed firmware so only secure authorised firmware can be installed. The fact that Axis designed the chip in-house and controls the manufacturing process also provides a layer of protection that is crucial for effective cybersecurity.


Finally, the ARTPEC-7 enabled Axis to develop powerful analytics and compression that are based on deep learning. The performance of the IP intercom allows us to deploy new features in the future, such as support for reading and processing QR codes or two-way video. But we can respond quickly to any desires brought about by unpredictable times or demanding customers. 2N® IP Style is thus a solid future proof solution.

We have combined all of our IP intercom know-how with the best that Axis has to offer, their ARTPEC-7 chip. We have brought to market a product with timeless intercom features and a camera image that is indistinguishable from that of an IP camera. We have set a new standard for IP intercoms for years to come.