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The future of 2N IP intercom is powered by the Axis ARTPEC-7 chip
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2N® IP Style: The Intercom of the Future

Award-winning, groundbreaking - and now featuring a unique AntiBac coating that kills 99% of bacteria, plus Bi-Directional video.
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The New 2N® IP Phone D7A – A Modern Device for a Modern Reception

Introducing the latest product in our portfolio. Check out what it can do and which projects it‘s best for.
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Want to integrate 2N IP Intercoms with the CCURE IQ system?

Join our webinars to learn all there is to know from 2N and JCI experts – including a live demonstration of the integration and how to increase building security.
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Grow your business by becoming a 2N Certified Installer

Want to stand out from the competition? Grow your business and sales network by becoming a 2N Certified Installer!
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EMERGENCY LIFT COMMUNICATIONS: A guide for lift manufacturers, service & maintenance providers
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Customer Success Stories

Learn how 2N has helped its customers solve their needs and succeed in today’s challenging world.
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