14.08.2020 Compatibility

Integration Summer in Australia and New Zealand: Safety First

The smart functions of 2N products and their integration with complex security systems increase the level of people's safety. Read on to find out more.

Integrate with security platform and VMS

A great example is the integration of our intercoms with the Integriti security platform from the company Inner Range. As soon as a call is initiated from the intercom a security operator can zoom in on a specific zone using the PTZ function. This makes it easier to identify people or objects in a specific area. The operator can evaluate the situation more accurately. He can listen to the audio and watch the video from the intercom. And if the situation requires it, he can respond immediately from the Integriti platform. For example, by triggering an alarm or changing the intercom's settings. In the field of VMS, our main partners are Genetec and Milestone.

Audio broadcasting

Another interesting example is the integration of 2N intercoms and IP speakers with the Informacast alert software from the company Singlewire. The Informacast system sends various types of notifications to all audio devices in the building, premises and even to the mobile phones. It can be a warning of extreme weather conditions and subsequent closure of all buildings. You can use Informacast in industrial, commercial and school projects. For example, it can serve as a school bell. Or, in the event of a fire, it immediately opens all the doors and starts the evacuation.

Complete communication solution

Are you more involved in projects for office buildings? Then you will definitely be interested in smart solutions for the effective management of communication. Part and parcel of this is the ability to connect, record and accept calls from 2N intercoms. All this is ensured by providers of IP PBX. Thanks to the reliability of both systems and support of a standard SIP protocol, our clients can use solutions from 3CX, Cisco, Avaya and Asterisk.

Home automation rules the residential market

And when it comes to residential projects, specifically in the field of home automation, our strong partner in Australia and New Zealand is Crestron. The key to the successful connection of our systems lies in the RAVA SIP protocol.

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