2N Media Library FAQ

Check out the frequently asked questions and answers.

Key Features

Find out more about the key features and benefits of the 2N Media Library and why they are useful.

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Different Folder Views

One of the strengths of the 2N Media Library is the number of different ways the user can see its contents.

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Bulk Download

Learn how to bulk download files from the 2N Media Library using the file explorer of your desktop operating system.

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Forgotten Password

Do you have troubles accessing your 2N Media Library account because of forgotten password? Never mind. Find out how to reset it.

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Requesting Access

Find out how to request access to the 2N Media Library, your online source of 2N digital marketing assets. It's very easy.

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Map Network Drive - Windows

Learn how to access 2N Media Library files from your desktop using the file explorer in a Windows operating system.

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Map Network Drive - Mac OS X

Learn how to access 2N Media Library files from your desktop using the file explorer in a Mac OS X operating system.

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Download More Than 50MB

Find out how to avoid Error Messages when downloading files from the 2N Media Library (mapped as a Network Drive), that exceed the download size limitation (50MB).

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Reporting Issues and Sharing Your Feedback

Help us identify and fix problems when something's not working. Share with us your ideas about new features you want to be added. Please let us know to the following e-mail: marketing@2n.cz.