17.06.2021 Solutions

1 Catalogue, 5 Solutions for the Residential Market

We’ve changed the title page and photos, as well as adding new products and solutions. You can now pack all this up and take it with you wherever you go. The new catalogue for the residential market has arrived.

Man with catalogueDo you remember our catalogue with clear examples of solutions for a residential building, residential neighbourhood or family villa? Take a look at the new improved version. Learn how a system based on IP technology offers lots of benefits. For example, it can reduce your costs and makes integration with other systems in the complex easier.

Did you know that you can create a modern and secure access control system even in older buildings? There are two ways to do this, which we show you in detail in the new catalogue. We’ll recommend the right products and you can even find their order numbers right away in the back. We’re certain that you’ll also like the case study of a customer who dealt with the same situation.

Of course, the updated catalogue for residential projects also includes our new 2N® IP Style and other products that were released earlier such as the 2N Access Unit M or 2N® Indoor View. Products are complemented by installation diagrams, including product dimensions. You’ll also find information about available colours and above all, a picture showing their use in practice, which explains everything.

Take a look at the catalogue for yourself

A picture is worth a thousand words. Browse through our new catalogue. You may find the answer for your specific project there.

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