22.04.2024 Compatibility

2N Fully Complies with the UK PSTI Act 2022

We’ve made some small changes to ensure that when our UK customers are working with 2N products and systems, they are working with fully compliant IP devices.

2N Fully Complies with the UK PSTIGood news for our UK customers - since 2N OS version 2.42.3 we’re fully compliant with the UK PSTI.

What the act stipulates and what we’ve changed

Password Setup/Changes

The PSTI policy stipulates that a product cannot be used until its password has been set up or changed. You can do it directly in the GUI of the 2N device, via 2N Access Commander or using My2N Management Portal.

In the context of this regulation, we also had to disable the Local Call option by default. However, you can enable it yourself in the device's web interface at any time after changing your default password (go to section Service – Phone – Local Calls).

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Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

This outlines guidelines for security researchers to report potential vulnerabilities, encouraging responsible security research and protecting users from risks. You can report a vulnerability in this contact form

Security Update Support 

Manufacturers must publicly provide information on how long they will offer security updates for their products. This transparency ensures customers are aware of the support duration. Check the security update support here.

Need more info and advice on best practices?

 Check out our dedicated PSTI page . You’ll find everything you need there! Alternatively, get in touch with our team if you have any concerns or questions.

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