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2N On Air: A Glimpse behind the Scenes through the Eyes of the Presenter

Snowdrifts, and the cast and crew absolutely freezing – but it was all worth it! I am delighted how much positive feedback we received from you after the broadcast. What was behind 2N On Air, you ask? I’ll tell you!

My kingdom for a coffee

It’s a frosty February morning of minus 15 °C, and I slip and slide the last few metres to where the event will be taking place. Luckily, the gates to the site are open. I’m lucky. My colleagues tell me that just a few minutes ago, they were frozen shut and they had to take the cameras in through the entrance used by the dustmen. The time is just after eight. We meet up in a room which serves as a dressing room and makeup station in one. We put the final touches onto our outfits. Tomáš makes a final check of the presentation about how our access solution boosts sales. Where is that coffee, please? Somebody finally brings a whole pot, hurrah! A look in the mirror, a darker lipstick is required and that spot on my chin needs to be covered up. I down my first coffee, then another call comes in from the director. Everyone on set, right now!2N On Air

Heels or crampons?

I rush down the stairs in high heels, go outside and cross the snow-covered yard to the neighbouring building where we will be filming. The path covered in frozen snow is extremely slippery. I would never have imagined that high heels could also work as crampons. I open the door to the hall. I notice a stand with the shiny new 2N Access Unit M. A cameraman pulls me over me and fits me with a microphone. I’m ready!

Lights, camera, action!

The first person to give a presentation is Tomáš Klíma. I briefly introduce him. We discover that the production staff have prepared a surprise for the presenters. They have moved the autocue from the front below the stage to the side of the stage. But Tomáš is a professional. He is in his element on stage. He now explains that not only our IP intercoms but also our access control systems rank among the very best in the world. This time, Veronika is also on set with us. She advises us about how to act in front of the camera. Just like the superwoman she is, she steps in whenever needed. Giving advice, calming us down, motivating us, energizing us and squeezing the most she can out of us all.

A smile you can’t get rid of!

We are falling behind the filming schedule. On top of this, it is unpleasantly cold in the hall due to the severe frost. Two heaters set to maximum don’t do much to change the situation. I am extremely grateful for my gloves and thermos flask with ginger tea. The cold is especially unpleasant for the people who are giving presentations. The muscles in their faces literally stiffen, and their smiles freeze on their lips. Luckily, they can make light of the situation.

My brain is freezing, but the 2N products keep on working

Tomáš Vystavěl now introduces our patented access control technology, and our products run like clockwork despite the frost. And Gareth it seems was born to stand in front of a camera. The sixth hour of filming takes its toll. It feels like my brain has frozen. After a brisk introduction, I suddenly forget my lines. My colleagues prompt me, the crew cheer me up. You can do it! The incredible atmosphere and cooperation got us through to the end of the day.

See you next time?

When I look at the entire 2N On Air recording a few days later, I say to myself that it was all worth it. I hope you enjoyed it too. According to our records, an incredible 2,031 people registered for the broadcast! Thank you for all the questions you asked in the chat window. I hope you found answers and further inspiration for your projects. See you next time! I’ll be looking forward to it.

Štěpánka Čepická, 2N On Air presenter

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