04.04.2024 Software

2N OS update boasts multiple new IP door entry features

Which new capability of 2N OS 2.43 will best enhance your IP door entry solution?

indoor stationAdd up to 9 HTTP commands to the 2N® Indoor View

Our premium indoor station the 2N® Indoor View is the perfect choice for high-spec projects looking for an advanced option for answering video intercom calls.

You’ve had the option to send up to three HTTP commands from the home screen for some time, but now, this update means users can send up to three unique HTTP commands whilst the indoor station is in three different states (so nine in total) for advanced home automation capability.

These commands can be displayed on the home screen of the 2N® Indoor View as well as:

While in-call or preview of the call

  • Good for smart home functions such as turning on outdoor lights, activating surveillance cameras to record, opening additional garage doors
  • Also great for remotely unlocking the delivery room for contactless package delivery

When streaming a third-party camera

  • For basic functions such as zooming in, turning on lights
  • For more security features such as playing an audio alert, activating alarms or contacting security agencies

We’ve also added more flexibility with Do-Not-Disturb mode – now, users can set it up for doorbells and intercom calls - separately - directly in the settings of the indoor station.

How might this look in a real apartment? A resident who doesn’t want to be disturbed by their intercom calling but still wants to answer the apartment door to a neighbour coming to watch the game – or, in the reverse, a resident who is expecting a parcel at the front entrance but doesn’t want to be disturbed by nosy neighbours!  

Enhanced visitor management features

Visitor management has been upgraded in the 2N OS – we’ve added some more options to the user access settings, to go alongside time profiles, for more efficient IP door entry.

If they want to, admins can now also:

  • Define the number of accesses per credential - e.g. they can only use the PIN code 6 times
  • Limit the validity period of the credential from first access – e.g. they can use the PIN code for 1 hour after they use it first
  • Get automatic deletion of users from the directories - e.g. when the PIN code is used 6 times or after the assigned time has elapsed.

In the real world, this means that when you have a scheduled office visitor – for example, a planned guest coming for a 2-hour meeting, or even a regular visitor such as a cleaner who will work for 1.5 hours only – you can set up their access conditions in advance with more capability.

2N® Clip optimized

2N OS 2.43 also adds some new stuff to our latest indoor station release, the 2N® Clip – based on customer feedback:

  • Backlight and screen timeout settings added directly to end-user settings of the device
  • Ability to mute the device whilst receiving a call with just one touch of the speaker button

New languages added!

Do you have Dutch or Japanese customers who have a 2N IP door entry system and want to use the 2N OS? Now, they can see everything in their native language and experience much more efficiency as a result.

Got users that don’t want to be contacted on the 2N® IP Style at certain times?

No problem – 2N OS 2.43 adds the possibility to hide ‘unreachable’ contact(s) from the 2N® IP Style’s display. Unreachable contacts can be, for example, receptionists after 5 pm.

This is particularly great for mixed-use buildings that have different contacts for those present during office hours and those there outside office hours – i.e. workers vs. residents.

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A tiny but important security update

Previously, our IP devices allowed easy setup through Local Calling - where the GUI of the intercom would discover all indoor stations on the same network. However, to add a little extra security we’ve disabled Local Calls by default. Users now need to sign in to each device, set a password, and then enable Local Calls if desired – or use the My2N Management Platform to do it.

What did past 2N OS updates offer IP door entry?

The 2N OS offers superior setup, parameterization, integration, and automation options, making it a powerful tool for configuring complex scenarios in IP door entry systems. Previous updates have included advanced features:

Adaptive Face Zooming

This innovative feature added to the 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso 2.0 ensures absolute clarity during face-to-face interactions. It automatically detects faces in the frame and zooms in – which is great considering the extremely wide angle of both video intercoms’ cameras.

Location-Based Ringtones

Add a touch of convenience and a layer of safety by customising 2N® Indoor View ringtones based on the location of the IP intercom. For instance, set a different ringtone for the front door and another for the back door.

DoorViewer for 2N® Indoor View

Enhance home security by displaying a live video feed from an external camera (such as a peephole camera) directly on the 2N® Indoor View display

Bi-Directional Video

Elevate reception areas by enabling two-way video communication via the 2N® IP Style. Visitors can see and interact with receptionists or security personnel, creating a professional and welcoming experience

Is something missing from the 2N OS?

We love feedback – many of these features were added as a result of your opinions. If you want something special in the next update for your IP door entry solution, let us know!

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